About Us

Winova Technology AB is a family owned company since 2006 focusing on developing innovative green products in microbiology and water treatment.

Our Promoters, Mr.UlfWilhelmsson, has over 35 years’ experience in water chemistry in various positions in Europe / Scandinavia and Mr.PhilipWilhelmsson, who is a trained microbiologist / biochemist strive consistently to bring the cutting edge of our green technology.

Winova Enterprises Private Limited is a Joint Ventue between Winova Technologies AB, Sweden and Shivrams Associates Private Limited, Coimbatore. It was signed in November 2012 and the company became operational from 1stApri 2013.The Company has grown steadily in the short span of time releasing new and innovative products for the Indian Market.

Our innovation speaks for itself when our Hand Sanitizers product have now been ranked in the Top 3 of India’s best Hand Sanitizer List [http://trendinghotnow.com/top-10-hand-sanitizers-available-india.html]