Moving towards a Hygienic Work Environment With Winova

Posted by admin on 16-Nov-2017

Alcohol Free Hand Sanitizer


It’s 2017. Everyone is working or looking for a job, or aiming for a promotion. Everyone who was born in the 90’s is taking over the previous generation. Everyone is tying the knot or are bringing a new life into their lives and its high time the hygiene lesson in life is well taught. Today we are all so caught up in making our lives better, we forget to take care of ourselves and end up ruining what we already have.

This is not a game ladies and gentleman, there is no reset button. We make choices. Having a hand Sanitizer in your hand is the single most efficient way to keep you actively protected from the plethora of infections brewing around the world. Another reason you should keep a sanitizer in your hand is to make sure you can always lend it out to someone in need. It’s the modern-day Handkerchief. You may not need it but someone does and trust me, it’s always good to carry one around.

That’s why Winova came up with Safe Mist. It’s easily the most Pocket-friendly sanitizer in the Indian market today. The Geniuses in the R&D Team not only kept the design sleek but also efficient. Safe Hands is also a good option to keep it at your desk. I mean in the end, your workplace is the time you spend your time most. We all work 10-12 hour shifts. It’s a silent truth, but when we are at work, the doors close in on our life. We are on that system crunching numbers, creating programs and running down fail safes for construction plans. We need to be aware that, our hands are our key to healthy tomorrow, so ladies and gentlemen, Keep A Safe Hands at your Desk and Safe Mist Near your Heart (In your pocket).

Join hands with Winova for a hygienic environment.