Winova’s Home care line has a wide range of hand sanitizer, mosquito control spray, multipurpose floor cleaning and dishwashing products, helping households for a greener future.

  • Baby Smooth

    Winova Baby Smooth is an Alcohol-Free hand and body Sanitizer that is specially designed for the delicate skin for babies and children. It protects a child’s hands from a wide […]

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  • REN’All

    Ren’all is a new & remarkablemulti purpose floor cleaner. Keeping true to our Swedish routes, Ren’all gets its origin from the Swedish word ‘Ren’ meaning ‘Clean’. This beautiful product has […]

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  • Safe Hands

    Winova Safe Hands is India’s first alcohol free Hand Sanitizer. Safe Hands produces a soothing foam that covers your hand and within a few seconds of application, it instantly kills […]

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  • Mosquito Shield

    The Mosquito Shieldis a marvelous product, which brings you a dual effect, that of a Mosquito Repellant and a Hand and Skin Sanitizer. When sprayed on the skin, the all […]

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  • Vinge

    Vinge (Pronounced as Wing) is a simple dishwash cleaner that has 3 different flavours with its own unique punch. a. Citrus b. Lemon c. Neem Citrus and Lemon give the […]

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  • Zenall

    Zenall, The Multi Purpose Floor Cleaner made for all. Zenall has been an innovation and an ideation, to give the common man the best antibacterial floor cleaner at the best […]

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  • Safe Mist

    The Coolest Hand Sanitizer in the market today, with its new look and creative design and powerful formula. Looking Cool and Playing it Safe just got a whole new meaning. […]

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  • Tenall

    Tenall, An Acid and Bleach Free Toilet cleaner that not only removes bacteria and dirt from Toilet Bowels, but also is safe for Skin Contact. It’s a one of a […]

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