Push the foam from the bottle and rub it, especially on the fingertips. Let it air dry, your hands should not be washed with water.
No. Winova Safe Hands and other products are completely safe to use and is also environmentally friendly.
No. Winova contains no alcohol
Winova uses multiple active ingredients and the combinations with a plus-charged polymer is effective in killing bacteria and viruses without the risk of getting resistant bacteria.
Winova Safe Hands is one of the products on the market that has undergone the most testing and include approved for use on Boeing aircraft with the highest standards in the world. Tests show that Bacteria Shield kills 99.999% of bacteria and viruses.
Winova Safe Hands is simply three decimal places better, ie the product is much more effective.
Absolutely, Winova Baby smooth is exclusively for babies which prevents the rashes caused by regular diaper usage.
No. Winova Safe Hands Baby Smooth is to use on skin only. Winova Home Guard can be used on floors, Kitchen surfaces etc., and Wallspray which prevents algae on Walls.
Yes, Winova is fully active against MRSA and forms nor any resistance.
Studies show that one can get a shelter up to four hours, but our results also show that even after a full day (eight hours), there are fewer bacteria on their hands than when the day started. The protection depends on how quickly the invisible protection wears off.