Home Care Products

Ren’all, Tenall, Zenall and Vinge

Ren’all, Tenall, Zenalland Vinge now come in bulk containers for institutions that maintain their facility with the highest of standards and our products help achieve that Goal. With the 5 Litre Options, Institutions are safe guarded with the power of Winova Plus and helps their Kitchens and Floors to be completely bacteria free.

Renall, Zenall, Tenall and Vinge are Available in the below variations :-
1. 5 Litre Cans
2. 20 Litre Cans
3. 50 Litre Cans
4. 100 Litre Cans

As certifications are primary importance, our products have maintained the right consistency and also have the right pH factor, ranging between 5.6-7 , so that its completely safe for all employees.