Tenall, An Acid and Bleach Free Toilet cleaner that not only removes bacteria and dirt from Toilet Bowels, but also is safe for Skin Contact. It’s a one of a kind Toilet Cleaner that does not use any commercial Acid as a part of its very effective cleaning formula. This wonderful creation from the house of Winova, is perfect for cleaning, disinfecting, and washing of all Dirts, Stains and Sedimentations. In addition to its cleaning strength, we have added our Anti Bacterial Formula, to help you protect against bacteria like E-Coli, MRSA and Swine Flu. Its Lemon Fragrance and its cleaning power makes sure, your restroom Shines and Smells for any occasion.

Tenall is one of India’s first Eco Friendly Toilet Cleaners, and also one of India’s Safest.