Vinge (Pronounced as Wing) is a simple dishwash cleaner that has 3 different flavours with its own unique punch.

a. Citrus
b. Lemon
c. Neem

Citrus and Lemon give the power of Lime and Orange to clean any vessel off its oily content and greases. Neem also boosts as an antibacterial and helps kill any germs that could be resting in the plate. Vinge attributes its power to the Winova Plus Formula, which helps remove upto 99.9995% bacteria, making it one of the best Anti Bacterial Dish Wash Liquid in the country. Vinge’s special ability is it creates a forcefield around your plate to use the rest of the day.

Vinge cleans the plates with ease, with just a spoon full in a bowl of water, its magical foam can remove any stain or dirt away from the plate and make it shine brand new. Being a hygiene and safety conscious brand, our product is the only few in the country that has a pH value of 6.5! , making it perfect for your skin to use innumerable number of times.