A Shopaholic’s Best Friend

Posted by admin on 10-Nov-2017

Mini Hand Samitizer

Making a Style Statement has become in vogue for the generation of tomorrow and the current generation has also taken the cue from it. To be able to be noticed when one enters a room or feeling comfortable in what they have chosen to wear, it’s all a matter of making a statement.

Everyone puts in a lot of hard work when making that crucial decision from that Dress from Zara or that Lehenga from Sabyasachi they desperately want to wear. There is a lot of trial and Error that goes on, even for the simplest of things and your hands are the ones that are 2nd most used beside your eyes. In such an important and crucial time, everyone forgets that like those 100 people have tried on that dress or felt the fabric across their palms. Shopping may become its own reason to start falling sick.

Winova Safe Mist is that way your best friend. It’s so light and pocket-friendly and you can even spray it on a particular material before you want to touch it, just so to see if you can enjoy the fabric without feeling the germaphobe inside you scream out.

When you are trying to make a statement, why not start off with a hygienic statement, when you start your shopping, Sanitizing your hands with Safe Mist, not only protects you but also the person after you who is also eager to make a statement for themselves.

Every Clutch to a Tote, with a Safe Mist, is like a shield around yourself. Everyone deserves to try out everything they can to their heart’s content and when you have Safe Mist with you, there’s an extra smile we guarantee.

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