The World Hand Wash Day – We Don’t Need Water to be hygienic anymore!

Posted by admin on 31-Oct-2017

World Hand Wash Day


You are on a train journey with your family, everyone is hungry and you order food from the caterers. Everyone today, has a general fear of the water being supplied at the trains, whether they are hygienic or not to the extent people carry water bottles to wash their hands in the lavatories.

How long should we waste water and plastic, to keep our hands washed before eating? Do we need to wash our hands at all? There are so many campaigns going around instructing the people on the general importance of washing your hands and yet nobody so far has told us whether the water being supplied to us is good or bad? Because we stereotype Corporation Water to Bad Water immediately.

Water Scarcity has been a problem for most of us. In India, itself there is a huge paucity of water and an average household has to wait 10 days to get the water they need. In such difficult times, staying hygienic is the last thing one person comes to his mind. This World Hand Wash day is to celebrate being hygienic and not just the concept of Washing Hands. We are a multi-diverse society, with a great need for hygiene consciousness. We are all striving towards a hygienic lifestyle.

This is why we need hand sanitizers. More than anything, we need hand sanitizers so that we eat without fear and give our children the best hygiene treatment before they start gobbling down their favorite Samosas or Dosas. Today, India needs to know that a Hand Sanitizer is a necessity, and this world hand wash day also stands for that.

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